2016 Texas Fossil and Mineral Event Dates

MEC Fossil & Mineral Sale and Seminar

Saturday, August 20, 2016

10:00 AM - 6:00 PM

In the Houston Heights at 1115 W 18th Street, Houston, Texas

There is a gate, but it will be open for you. Please side-street park as there is no parking beyond the gate.

This will be a spectacular Microfossils Et Cetera Sale where you can buy fossils, minerals and Artifacts at below online costs! I have included a list below of some of the items I will have for sale.

We just got in a HUGE shipment of beautiful Trilobites! From $20 specimens to $1,500 Museum Grade specimens, you'll see it all! Guarenteed 100% authentic with full provinance. We'll even show you restoration and how to tell if a trilobite is authentic or not (see if any other vendor will do that ;) ).

On top of that, we guarantee you lower prices than you will find anywhere online for comparable trilobites--sometimes up to 50% off (why pay $2,000 for a museum grade armatus when you can buy it here for $1,200?).

Petrified Wood Limbs 
Various petrified wood including palm wood and snakewood
Trilobites (From $3 to $500)
Dinosaur Teeth
Ammonites of various sorts (some Really nice big ones, some cut and polished)
Shark teeth of all sorts
Amber of multiple types with insect inclusions
Horn Corals
Crinoid stems
echinoids of all sorts
Dinosaur eggshell (oviraptor and saltosaurus)
Elephant bird eggshell
Fossil Insects of various sorts
Megalodon teeth
Fossil Snake Eggs
Brittlestars from france
Dinosaur bone
Mososaur Vertebrae
Fossil Seashells
Processed microfossil matrix

Cubic fluorite
Fluorescent Petroleum Quartz
Fluorescent Calcite
Mangano Calcite
Fluorescent Hackmanite
Fluorescent Afghanite
Calcite with pyrite
Labradorite Spheres
Agatized Coral
Other stone Spheres


Native American Arrowheads and tools
Roman Arrowheads
Scythian Arrowheads
Roman Coins
Medieval Coins
Medieval Rings