Chiapas Amber Under a 365nm UV Light

All true amber fluoresces, but only Chiapas amber fluoresces this bright shade of opaque blue under UV Light. Under longer waves such as 395nm light (black light), it fluoresces neon green.

At the mines of Chiapas searching for more amber. Read the article below to learn more about the first journey to the mines.

We are a direct wholesaler of amber from Chiapas, Mexico. This amber is 22.5-30 Million Years Old. Every piece has an insect or plant inclusion (or often times multiple) and has been completely polished. Each piece is highly fluorescent.

When you buy wholesale lots from MEC, you will be getting a mixed assortment of sizes, between 25 and 40 pieces per 125 grams depending on how large they are. Our normal retail price is $7 per gram, which is much lower than competitors $11/gram. Our wholesale pricing begins at $4 per gram and can go as low as $3 per gram depending on how much you buy with potentially lower pricing for large quantities. 

The wholesale lot pictures are only a representation of what you will get. You will get a random lot, but all pieces will have good insects.

Why is our amber so cheap? Because we go directly to the mines of Mexico to bring this amber to you. If you want to learn more about our dangerous journey to the mines of Chiapas, see the article at the bottom of the page.

Why buy Chiapas Amber over Baltic Amber? Besides the market already being flooded with Baltic Amber, which costs more than rarer types of Amber such as Chiapas Amber. Chiapas Amber is also harder, more fluorescent, and has a wider variety of natural colors going from reds to greens to all shades of yellow to nearly clear. Baltic amber is heat-treated in order to achieve these same colors.

Wholesale Pricing (You can purchase any amount; these are just minimum brackets):

​125 grams $500 (Average 25-40 pieces)

​500 grams $1,750 (Average 100-160 pieces)

1000 grams (1kg) $3,000 (Average 200-320 pieces)

Flat rate $7 shipping (Insurance is extra) in US, inquire about shipping worldwide.

We also sell Raw, unpolished amber, Amber carvings, jewelry, etc. If you can dream it, we can make it of amber. Contact us at to place your special order today.

Hand Carved Amber turtles from Mexico. 20% of all turtle sales are donated to the Sea Turtle Conservancy for Sea Turtle Conservation! Buy turtles and save turtles!

$60 Each, 5 for $250, 10 for $400, 33 for $990

125 Gram Wholesale Lot $500

1 Kilogram Wholesale Lot $3,000

20 Gram Grab Bag!

The ultimate amber grab bag! between 3-8 pieces depending on size. Each piece will have inclusions but is randomly selected. Save $20


500 Gram Wholesale Lot $1,750

Some Examples of insects found in our amber:

Raw Amber, Unpolished

This is what amber looks like when it comes from the mines, after most of the clay has been scraped off. At this point it is difficult to tell if it has any inclusions or not. We do sell raw amber, but only upon request as otherwise it is all polished. Feel free to inquire. Price based upon quantity.