20% of all turtle sales are donated to the Sea Turtle Conservancy for Sea Turtle Conservation! Buy turtles and save turtles!

Hand Carved Amber turtle bracelet from Mexico. Set on durable 1mm stretch cord. $75 Each, 5 for $325

Turtle Master Carving with clam (Only 1). $1400

Amber bracelet set on durable 1mm stretch cord. $30 Each, 5 for $120

Amber turtle necklace. Set on a nylon coated 49 strand stainless cord with 925 sterling silver clasps. $85 Each, 5 for $325

Hand Carved Amber turtle Pendants from Mexico with sterling silver. $65 Each, 5 for $275

Photos show amber in normal light (left) and UV light (right)

Turtle Master Carving (Only 1). $1500

Inquire about having a Custom master carving made to your specifications. We can literally make anything out of amber that you can dream of!

Hand Carved Amber turtles. Made from 23-33 Million year old amber from Chiapas, Mexico. $60 Each, 5 for $250

Process of carving the amber turtles, made from solid pieces of Chiapas Amber